About Motwane

Motwane is a R&D and IoT company, with a strong presence in the electrical test and measurement field.

We are leaders in the design and manufacture of high-performance, high-precision electrical test and measurement equipment. Our completely digitized testing software solutions are transforming the measurement industry by enabling advanced real-time digital testing and measurement.

Our innovative IoT technologies and digital offerings are designed to boost productivity, efficiency, energy saving and proactive decision making. Additionally, they help customers take a step towards a green, sustainable environment.

All our products and solutions are indigenously designed by over 40 technologists, who work at advanced world-class R&D facilities, to cater to the company’s pan India and global customers. The Motwane brand has earned the trust of users over the last 100 years, with its innovative, reliable, rugged and user-friendly products.

We have a strong global distribution network in more than 40+ countries, that caters to the needs of users across segments such as EPC, Power, Railways, Certification Labs, Defence, Oil & Gas, Steel & Metal, Automobiles, Process Industries and the MSME sector, besides contractors and OEMs.

Our diverse product line encompasses low voltage solutions for general industrial applications, specialised products for high voltage applications, IoT-based smart street lighting solutions, advanced security solutions and digitised testing software.