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DCM49A is a general purpose 3 ¾ digit AC / DC Clamp meter with backlit LCD display. The jaw opening is 60mm approx. & can measure AC / DC current through the clamp upto 1000A. It also measures DC Voltage-1000V, AC Voltage-700V, Resistance upto 40 MΩ, Frequency-10MHz with duty cycle, continuity & diode measurements. This meter also has Capacitance range upto 100µF & is powered by one 9V battery.

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Economical DCM 23A, 400A AC Average type; shall cater needs of service industry like HVAC, Electrical Contractors etc. DCM23A compactly designed digital Clamp meter with measurement functions like AD/DC voltage, AC current, Resistance, Diode test, Continuity check, Temperature. It’s a perfect tool for general purpose testing and measuring.

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Motwane E25C is 3 1/2 digital clamp meter is a portable handheld Clamp meter with the steady performance, safety, reliability and with full functions. The instrument has a unique and more attractive outline for convenient operation. The instrument is designed with high-performance A/D converter and high-grade SMD components. All the measuring ranges have overload protection. AC current is measured through the clamp jaw with four ranges of 2000mA, 20A, 200A, 600A.The rest input through the test lead and can test AC Voltage, DC Voltage, Resistance, Diode and Continuity.

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DCM10A has a 0.01mA resolution for measuring earth leakage currents, 300A range for standard current measurements. And analogue Bar Graph Display for trending. Handguard designed for operator safety. Pocket sized and lightweight. Jaw size 40mm.

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DCM 33A is an Average Type and can measure upto 1000A AC is suitable for OEMs, Medium scale industries, Utilities for general testing needs. DCM 33A is a ergonomically designed digital Clampmeter with ‘Measurement attributes fully loaded’ like AD/DC voltage, AC current, Resistance, Diode test, Continuity check, Capacitance, Frequency.

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