Battery Ground Fault Locator

Battery systems used in switchgear are designed and operated as a floating from ground system which means that there is no intentional connection to ground from either the positive polarity or negative polarity of the dc system. Sometimes, a very low resistance or solid path is established from one of polarity of the dc system to ground which can leads to significant voltage drop, & continuously draining of battery bank. These dc earth faults need to rectify in time to avoid unscheduled breakdown.

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Floating DC systems are the back bone of any substation.Maloperation of DC system / non-availability of sound DC system can lead to very big catastrophe in the substation. And hence it is a necessity that the floating DC systems in the substation should be free from any faults. The DC Ground Locator MGFL helps substation engineers in locating, tracing, pinpointing DC Ground Faults in any floating DC system up to 300V DC in ONLINE condition. The instrument balance the capacitance of DC system automatically and is fully automatic to detect any faults. The instrument incorporates advanced signal processing to eliminate noise in the DC system and is very sensitive to any ground faults. It also helps in tracking mixing of source in dual battery system

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