Business Verticals

Motwane has a presence in three main verticals, that cater to diverse requirements of corporations across the globe. A common factor present across the three verticals is the company’s commitment to working closely with customers. We invest in a deep understanding of current as well as future needs of client organisations and industries. This enables us to innovate, design, develop and engineer future-ready solutions.

Our long-standing commitment to create products that anticipate future needs has helped us to set benchmarks and gold standards for over a century.

Motwane has emerged as the leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance, high precision electrical test and measurement equipment, with many first to its name.

Motwane test & measurement

This vertical specialises in innovative, high-precision equipment for sectors like power, railways, defence, industry, oil & gas, cement and steel, besides OEMs and specialised applications. Some highlights of the Test & Measurement vertical are:

  • A track record of innovative products that have set benchmarks in their categories
  • Strict adherence to international standards in every product, solution and service
  • Expertise in the design, development and manufacture of products for low, medium, high and extra-high voltage applications
  • A wide range of testing instruments, for specialised equipment as well as comprehensive diagnostic solutions.
  • Assured performance in harsh environmental conditions
  • The capability to cater to mega-projects, such as those undertaken by sectors like defence and railways
  • User-friendly designs that enable accurate results in the hands of even non-technical personnel
  • Strong in-house R&D capability and extensive testing facilities to ensure international standards of quality and performance.


The Motwane Security Systems vertical offers a range of holistic solutions for a spectrum of access and entrance control needs.

Some highlights of our security solutions are:

  • A blend of aesthetics and performance
  • A range that caters to diverse industry sectors and markets
  • A wide product range that includes Electromechanical Tripods, Retractable Flap Barriers and Full Height Turnstiles
  • International standards of performance, quality and durability
  • Solutions designed for seamless integration with the other security and building management elements in the system
  • Quick service response, and cost-effective maintenance at every stage with an extensive sales and service network.

Motwane SMART STREET Lighting

This vertical creates intelligent automated lighting systems designed to conserve client resources, energy and the environment. Motwane lighting solutions are a perfect fit for cities, industrial facilities, campuses, public areas and mega residential projects. Key characteristics of Motwane Smart Street Lighting solutions are:

  • Intelligent smart lighting systems offering remote management, monitoring and analyses through wireless connectivity, smart sensors and interactive cloud-based software
  • ROI-driven solutions for long-term benefits
  • Up to 70% reduction in energy consumption
  • Carbon footprint reduced by half over traditional solutions
  • Enhanced safety
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and effort in man-hours