Motwane’s Digital Micro ohm meter DLRM-1 is capable of measuring very low resistance in micro ohm as low as 10 μΩ with 0.2% Basic accuracy. It has 6000 count LCD display with capacitive touch switches for longer use. DLRM-1 works on the proven principle of 4-wire measurements. The resistance measurement range of DLRM-1 is from 60mΩ to 6kΩ, with minimum resolution of 10 μΩ and the maximum DC current injection is 1A. The Continuous or triggered measurement mode, facility of alarm setting for pass/fail, internal storage of 100 readings are some additional features along with Bluetooth Communication for remote operation.

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  • 6000 count Liquid Crystal Display with Backlit & Annunciation.
  • Hi Lo comparator and limit setting.
  • Selection of functions/Ranges by capacitive touch switches for long use.
  • Measurement of REL value.
  • Continuous or triggered measurement mode.
  • 100 Reading can be stored.
  • Auto recalls last setting after power OFF and ON again.
  • Alarm setting for PASS/FAIL.
  • Manual or Auto ranging.
  • Blue tooth Communication with Mobile app.


Standard Accessories
  • Test Lead set (3 Meter Long shrouded banana with Kelvin clip)
  • 18V/1A battery charger adapter.
Optional Accessories
  • Test lead 10 Meter long with heavy duty crocodile clips. C clamp with 10 Meter long leads.