Insulation Tester

Insulation Resistance test indicates whether any corrective maintenance or replacement of installed equipment is necessary, assess if the newly installed equipment can be safely energized, and trend the gradual deterioration of the equipment over its service life. Insulation Resistance Test is carried out to ensure the healthiness of overall insulation system of electrical equipment. It reflects the presence or absence of harmful contamination, dirt, moisture and gross degradation.
Our range of cable testers is designed to automatically test and verify electrical connections in a cable, harness, slip-ring, on a backplane or any other wired assembly. A cable tester automatically checks if the cabling conforms to the cabling plans and is of expected quality. Motwane has a wide range of cable testers with international standard design and engineering. Our testers have the capability to check various parameters like resistance, insulation resistance (1kV to 10kV) &dielectric strength (3kV to 75kV AC/DC) between core to core and core to body

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Motwane has been offering comprehensive range of products designed in-house catering multiple segment of power and energy sector. Being pioneer in insulation testing the D20K is a 2.5kV voltage selectable digital insulation tester . It is a battery operated most compact device made to give fast & accurate readings. LOBAT Indication, resistance measurement upto 20GΩ.

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MOTWANE's Insulation Tester Model i-12 is a compact, lightweight, hand held and battery operated digital insulation tester. It is a 1kV insulation tester with maximum range of 2 GOhm for Insulation Resistance Measurement. The i-12 instrument with digital and analog display designed predominantly for low voltage insulation resistance testing in maintenance and servicing. This involves the applications like cables, rotating machines, LT transformers, switchgears and industrial installations. It has selectable range of test voltages of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V. i-12 has store and recall facility for 10 readings. The Insutester is provided with additional low resistance measurement and AC/DC voltage measurements also. It is designed to suit the extreme environment conditions.

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D2K-M is a compact, lightweight 31/2-digit Insulation Tester. It operates from an internal rechargeable battery eliminating the recurring cost of frequent battery replacement. It is equipped with selectable test voltages of 100V, 250V, 500V & 1000 V DC available with resistance range of 200 MΩ & 2000 MΩ, combining the ranges of various conventional hand cranking insulation testers. The instrument offers unprecedented accuracy of 2% and is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. D2K-M is housed in a robust moulded ABS case for shock resistance, and its dust resistance construction keeps out contaminants helping reliability.

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The MOTWANE’s Insulation Tester Model i2k is a portable, economical, rugged, battery operated digital insulation tester ideally suited for many troubleshooting, installation & commissioning in electrical contracting and preventative maintenance on both domestic & industrial applications. i2K is an ideal substitute for hand driven insulation testers.

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