IoT, the next big thing

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Over the years, Motwane has emerged as a key player in the field of T&M. What makes you different from others? Motwane is a more than 50 years old company and having the domain expertise where we understand energy, its behaviour much better than others. Today we are a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, high precision electronic test and measurement equipment in India.

Also, we are the first Indian company that started developing its own products through intensive efforts on design and development. Today, we have around 40 R&D engineers along with us and all our products are indigenously designed, developed and now being sold. Probably we are the first company who have full-fledged R&D centre for our products in India and we are competing with leading global players from the Western World. Because of our expertise along with the skills sets through R&D,we could provide the product which are sustainable in the harsh environment. So far, we have proven our expertise across setting up of 765 kV substations and 400 kV substations that require extraordinary induction and research. That’s why we can say that we are competing with all others and we are different from all others.

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