Our Legacy


The Company is founded

Motwane established a business in India with the inception of Eastern Electric and Trading Co. During this period, mobile power plants were set up by the company for social and commercial functions.


The Chicago Telephone Supply Co.

The Chicago Telephone Supply Co. was established in Bombay (now Mumbai) to handle the business and installation of telephones.


Company Lines

Separate business lines for heavy electrical and mechanical engineering were added. As clientele and revenue grew, both businesses were amalgamated under a unified MOTWANE brand name.

The company now had five divisions - namely Electronics Communication Division, Heavy Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Division, Industrial Plants Division, Chicago Radio Division and Instruments Division


The Electronics Communication Division

The Electronics Communication Division specialized in VHF, two-way, multi-channel communication systems, microwave radio for sectors like Defence and Posts & Telegraphs. It also offered specialised instrument landing systems for international airports. The division partnered with well-known companies like Westinghouse, Andrews, Wilcox and Motorola.

The Heavy Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Division

The Heavy Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Division focused on the supply and installation of heavy equipment like AC DC generators, T&D equipment like HT transformers and switchgears. Some customers at the time were Chambal Hydel and Bombay Municipal Corporation (Lovegrrove Pumping Station, Worli)

The Industrial Plants Division

The Industrial Plants Division was dedicated to the supply, installation and commissioning of entire plants for sectors such as cement, refractories, fertilisers, oil and natural gas, chemicals and mining. Major customers included Neyveli Lignite, Dalmia Cement, Damodar Valley, TISCO, ACC Ltd., Bombay Port Trust and Hindustan Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.

This division also supplied over 25 Locomotives to Indian Railways.


The Chicago Radio Division

The Chicago Radio Division was the most visible, present during monumental speeches by national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel. A landmark set up was achieved in 1959, when Mr. Eisenhower, the then president of the USA, addressed an assemblage of two million. Motwane had created a system of simultaneous translation which would enable the people of India to understand the speeches of British officials, in their own local languages.


The Instrument Division setup

The Instrument Division setup, set up in 1967, evolved to become The Motwane Manufacturing Company Private Limited. It was the first manufacturing company in India to provide test instruments to nation building sectors such as Power, Nuclear, Aviation, Defence, Industries and Communication. This division, in technical collaboration with AVO Ltd. UK, manufactured the world-famous Multimeter, namely 8X MK-III.

From then on, Motwane has been setting benchmarks in the design, manufacture and supply of Electrical and Electronic Test and Measurement Equipments for Power Sector. It is also known for its research and knowledge capabilities in Electrical Metrology.