The protection system plays such an important role for the safety of critical equipments in power system. The protection system consists of CT, Breaker & relays. Moreover, since thesedevices operate during abnormal conditions on the power system, the onlyway to assure correct operation is by a comprehensive inspection, maintenance,and testing program.
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HV Test Set : MOT - HVT

The Motwane High Voltage tester HVT series offer wide range of test voltages to determine the withstand capacity of electrical insulation for the normally occurring over voltage transient’s .This series has models which can generate both AC & DC Voltages to eliminate need of two separate kits. The manual / motorized controlled operation provides variable output voltage. The Kits are provided with selectable tripping current to identify breakdown voltage of different test objects. The timer is useful to set duration of test period. HV indication & overload protection provided for safety of operator & Kit.

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