Research & Development

We consider our values as extremely important in our existence and form the backbone of our vision and plans. Values are an integral part of our culture and present a common face to our customer

Innovation is the reason our company exists, grows and excels. The spirit of innovation drives us to develop products and solutions that break performance barriers and surpass existing quality standards. At Motwane, our R&D; efforts combine innovation with quality leadership and robust result oriented processes. Our innovators are armed with cutting- edge facilities to enable them to do their best in every endeavour..

World-class facilities for world-class innovation

The company’s state-of-the-art research facilities are strategically located at the manufacturing facility in Nasik, India. Our team of eminent technologists work together with cutting-edge technology in state-of the-art labs, to set benchmarks in innovation and engineering excellence. These translate into measurable results and immense value-addition for customers. Innovative Motwane products designed over the years, including evolving development of high-voltage products, IoT based smart street lighting solution with complete IoT stack and digitisation of measurement bear testimony to the capabilities of Motwane’s R&D;

Some of the distinguishing features of our research labs include:
  • Recognition by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), India
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Enabled with a comprehensive reference standard archive and calibration systems traceable to all national and international standards.
  • Modern-day tool room with complex and customised software, and a state-of-the- art electronic R&D centre with a focus on knowledge enhancement and staff training.
  • Highly trained team of 40+ eminent technologists who set cutting-edge benchmarks ininnovation and engineering excellence.
Sophisticated test facilities to ensure performance and reliability
  • In-house EMI-EMC set-up with environmental chambers that test products under simulated environmental conditions.
  • A prototype lab that is aided with SMD pick-and-place machines for rapid product design verification and validation
  • Advanced desktop application software, customised for test result management and decisive report generation
  • Dedicated IT resources that work on developing highly specialised software for test applications
  • Experienced software team with the capability to handle IoT platform integration, big data management, and Web based applications etc. This team has developed world-class applications for clients.

R&D; Strength

About Research & Development

R&D; is equipped with all types of Electronic and Mechanical Designs capabilities. R&D; is dedicatedly serving the customer needs in the domain of Electrical Test & Measuring types of equipment since last 55+ years. A highly experienced team has delivered more than 100 products with innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions which are of global standards. These skill sets included Analog Design, Embedded Design, Power Electronics, Visual Devices, Wide range of Interfaces, IoT, Mechanical Design, Mould and Tool design and EMI/EMC certifications.

Product Design & Development

Electronic Design

Provide Analog, Digital and Power Electronics design solutions. Can integrate electronic sensors & provides signal conditioning, data acquisition and processing.


Provide working prototypes for either proof of concept or actual product with mechanical enclosures.

PCB Design

Schematic, PCB and Gerber analysis using high end tools for any size any type and multi-layer PCB layouts with due considerations for Power, Signal and Frequency.

Mechanical & Mould Design

Mold design & manufacturing for Electronic Equipment products using different latest industry standard softwares.

Embedded Design

Using modern day Processors and interfacing with Keyboards, Display, Printers, USB, R/F, GSM, GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth , PLCC.

Product Certifications

In-house Test Laboratory for product Assessment, testing and Certification.

Software Development

High Level PC software for test result management and decisive report generation. Big Data Handling Using IoT stack and Platforms.