Solid Dielectric

Solid dielectrics are good insulators and good supporters of electrostatic fields. These properties make them invaluable in transformers and capacitors. Cellulose paper and resin impregnated paper are widely used solid insulating materials.

Fault-handling strategies for solid dielectric material
During the long service life of a transformer, solid materials too are subjected to considerable ageing. Regular monitoring and testing helps us determine the condition of the materials and get a head-start on planning maintenance measures.

Which parameters should be monitored?
Solid insulating materials, conductive metallic materials (grain-oriented electrical steel and copper materials) as well as coating materials and sealing material can be analyzed. Testing properties include dielectric breakdown voltage, dielectric strength, AC loss, permittivity (dielectric constant), DC resistance and conductance, dissipation factor, ion exchange capacity, and ionic resistivity. Other physical properties can help evaluate the electrical and physical properties of material. Motwane equipment is available for the above mentioned tests. Take a look at details of the equipment by clicking on the products below.

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