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The Digital Multimeter M402 is 40,000 count handheld TRMS & battery operated professional industrial grade multimeter providing high resolution, high accuracy, measurements of AC voltage & current, DC voltage & current, resistance, capacitance, Diode, continuity, frequency, duty cycle measurement, frequency response up to 100kHz. The Multimeter is designed by a special purpose ASIC which ensures low component count assuring a very high reliability. The unique Amber Backlit LCD is easily read from several feet away with elaborate annunciation.

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The Digital Multimeter DM4750D is an intelligent digital multimeter, a precise instrument with a resolution of 80,000 count and up to date automatic computer calibrating function. High resolution A/D converter and micro controller data processing technique is adopted in the meter. The meter can be widely used in laboratory field services, domestic and other applications. All the functions and ranges have full overload protection.

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The digital Multimeter M65 Dual display TRMS white backlit digital multimeter with high accuracy is specially designed in our research laboratory and manufactured under stringent manufacturing processes for R&D and process industries. M65 comes with µA range and DC Voltage accuracy of 0.25%.

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The Digital Multimeter M63 is specially designed industrial grade Trms digital multimeter in our research laboratory & manufactured under stringent manufacturing process for wide range of applications like Power generation, Power distribution, Power transmission, Steel Industries, Cement Industries, Mining Industries, Power Electronics Industries, Heavy Engineering Industries, and Defense Sector & Aviation Sector. M63 is a high-performance multimeter with high safety, linearity and reliability. Excellent noise immunity to disturbances from energized power lines, with CAT IV & IP-54 protection.

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Digital Multimeter M42 is the most reliable and efficient True RMS Digital Multimeter with CE, CAT III/1000V and IP 54 certification along with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards and standard warranty. Specially designed in our research laboratory and manufactured under stringent manufacturing processes for electrical contractors, services industries and SME’s

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