Micro Ohm Meter: LR2045-S

Motwane’s LR 2045-S is a Digital Micro-Ohmmeter provided with maximum 1A DC current injection and works on the principle of the four wire technique. The four wire technique makes it possible to accurately measure resistance values less than 0.1 Ω while eliminating the inherent resistance of the lead wires connecting the measurement instrument to the component being measured.

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    Motwane’s LR 2045-S is a Digital Micro-Ohmmeter provided with maximum 1A DC current injection and works on the principle of the four wire technique. The four wire technique makes it possible to accurately measure resistance values less than 0.1 Ω while eliminating the inherent resistance of the lead wires connecting the measurement instrument to the component being measured. This instrument is protected against back EMF during inductive measurement and heat run test, which is suitable for resistance measurements of inductive and resistive loads. It has a 4 ½ digits LED display, and resistance measuring range from 1μΩ to 2000Ω. It is user-friendly equipment with a USB for PC interface. The windows based data management software is provided for recording the test results data, and report generation.


    Micro Ohmmeter is generally used for bonding contact applications and for measuring extremely low resistance with high accuracy at particular test currents. It is a small portable device that measures resistance and voltage. Typical applications include the measurement of:

    • Hot & cold winding resistance measurement of motors, generators, alternators, and transformers. 
    • Contact resistance measurement of fuses and miniature circuit breakers.
    • Resistance measurement of cables & wires. 
    • Bond testing of aircraft frames. 
    • Resistance measurement of resistive components (e.g.: resistors, shunts, etc.)


    • 4 ½  digits large and clear LED display
    • Back EMF protection
    • Accurate & stable readings
    • PC interfacing with software
    • Four wire measurement method
    • Highly rugged industrial graded casing
    • Six measurements range from 20mΩ to 2kΩ 
    • Sealed soft touch membrane keypad
    • Measured by Kelvin method
    Range Resolution Accuracy ±(%rdg + Digits) FS rdg. DC current applied DUT Max Power dissipation in the sample at Midscale.
    20 mΩ 1 μΩ ±(0.05+5) 19.999 mΩ 1 A 10 mW
    200 mΩ 10 μΩ ±(0.05+5) 199.99 mΩ 1 A 100 mW
    2000 mΩ 100 μΩ ±(0.05+5) 1999.9 mΩ 100 mA 10 mW
    20 Ω 1 mΩ ±(0.05+5) 19.999 Ω 10 mA 1 mW
    200 Ω 10 mΩ ±(0.05+5) 199.99 Ω 1 mA 0.1 mW
    2000 Ω 100 mΩ ±(0.05+5) 1999.9 Ω 100 µA 10 µW

    Note: Accuracies are valid from 1/10 of the range to FS of range & valid at 
    Temperature:25◦ C ± 3◦ C at 55%±10%RH
    Temperature Coefficient :100ppm/ ◦C
    Warm up time for stated accuracy -10 mins
    Open Circuit Voltage: 15Volt ± 3volt

    General Specification 

    Display: Large seven segment LED display
    4 ½ inch digits display
    Max. display in digit 19999
    Display update rate: 2.5 times / second 
    LEDs for range and Ω / mΩ indication
    LED indication for operation and pulse mode. 
    Over range indication: Blinking zero display.
    Under Range Indication: All display shows zero. (Not blinking)


    Protection against back EMF 
    Instrument protected against mains overload(Fuse250mA). 
    All ranges are fuse protected. (Input fuse 1A).

    Power Supply: 

    230 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz, single phase supply. 

    Physical Specifications: 

    Dimensions (H X W X L): 210 mm X 290 mm X 360 mm 
    Net Weight: 5.0kg (Approx)

    Environmental Specifications: 

    Operating Temperature:0 ◦ C -40 ◦ C. 
    Storage Temperature: 0 ◦ C – 55 ◦ C.
    Humidity: Less Than 95% RH non condensing

    Standard Accessories 

    • Carrying case: 1No.
    • 3 meters long Test Lead with GP Kelvin clip: 1Set (12mm Jaw opening approx.)
    • User manual: 1No. 
    • Calibration certificate: 1No. 
    • Input protection fuse (1A) : 1No. 
    • Mains protected fuse (250mA) : 1No. 
    • Three pin mains cord (1.5 meters): 1No.

    Optional Accessories

    • Carrying case: 1No. 
    • USB interfacing cable: 1No. 
    • 10 meters long test leads with heavy duty kelvin clip. (35mm Jaw opening approx.) 
    • 10 meters long test leads with a large crocodile clip. (40mm Jaw opening approx.) 
    • 10 meters long test leads with ‘C’ clamp. (80mm opening approx.) 
    • Heavy duty bond testing probe assembly. (10mtrs)

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    MOTWANE is reputed brand since many years & we prefer it for all our International Projects

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    We are very satisfied on Motwane’s oil testing products to test electrical properties of Insulation Oil


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    TATA Projects regularly uses Motwane’s Test & Measurement equipment for various undertakings. We are satisfied with the product performance!

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    MOT-WARE will enable us to go live with data immediately after recording

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