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Enter the world of big data

Advantage through Awareness

With transformer forecasts, Motwane’s proprietary AI algorithm and ML platform, users can now effortlessly predict behavioral patterns of their assets based on operating conditions. The software connects equipment to the cloud, and sends real-time health and historical data onto a single, user-friendly dashboard. Motwane AI Analytics offers accurate insights of an asset’s lifespan, leading to better decision-making, higher efficiency, better CAPEX and OPEX planning, and forecasting untimely shutdowns and potential dangerous accidents. Motwane believes that advanced data analytics and data visualization can help you make more informed decisions.

Data can help you gain actionable insights, here are some examples:

Compare the effect of loading condition on temperature & asset health

MOT-WARE enables users to monitor loading conditions and temperature trends in real-time, as well as on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. The resulting insights help to conclude whether the transformer is underloaded, overloaded, or optimally loaded.

Track current imbalances between the three phases

Analyze the difference in current of three-phase transformer windings to efficiently manage the load across different phases.

Monitor hotspot temperature to predict the aging rate

The hard-to-reach hotspot area in transformers can seamlessly transmit insights to the MOT-WARE platform. The received data predicts the correct aging rate, mitigating the risk of sudden transformer failure.

Estimate copper losses

Monitor and predict copper losses due to varying loads with the help of MOT-WARE. The total copper loss in kWH supports estimating revenue losses.

Analyze transformer efficiency

Gain insights on transformer efficiency that aid in revenue saving via MOT-WARE,  supporting smooth operation in accordance with industry standards.

Key Benefits

Alerts and Notifications

Efficient load management

Detection of anomalies

Predictive maintenance

Extension of an asset’s lifespan

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Entering the world of big data
has never been easier!

Our experts are looking forward to guide you through the many advantages of MOT-WARE.


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