Motwane's impact on Indian history

“The cheers that punctuated my remarks on some of the most important amendments showed that the listeners were following my exposition with the utmost attention. All this was possible because of the perfect Chicago Radio loudspeaker arrangements that were made for the Subjects Committee as well as for the Open Sessions.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Driven by family values

Mr. G. C. Motwane with the team in Bombay in 1930. To his right is Mr. V. G. Motwane and to his left, Mr. Nanik G. Motwane.

Over 100 years of progress

1 million spectators gathered at Marine Drive Bombay to listen to the commentary of the Indian Air Force’s 27th Anniversary (1960)

A Legacy of Innovation

Motwane was one of the earliest manufacturing companies during the time of the British Raj. Inaugurated in 1909, Motwane started out pioneering the mass medium of radio, and from then on, the firm’s history has been tightly interwoven with the history of India. In 1929, 18 years before Indian Independence in 1947, the Freedom Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi was well under way. Motwane’s Managing Director at the time, Nanik Motwane, recounts:

“I saw Gandhi-ji going from platform to platform to address meetings at one and the same place, to enable his weak voice to be heard by large numbers. It was then that I felt that I must find some means to amplify his voice.”

Mr. Nanik G. Motwane

His solution: a loudspeaker that effortlessly carried Gandhi’s and other freedom fighter’s voices to the masses. One can only estimate how big the impact of Motwane’s patriotic impulse was on India’s Independence movement. Mr. Nanik’s immediate reaction to solve a problem at hand with the help of technology, creating a positive impact for the greater good, has been the cornerstone of Motwane’s ethos as a company.

We are committed to taking the passion Mr. Nanik Motwane showed in the early days of the company from a patriotic past into the digital future.

The bottom line of hope

Motwane strives to continue to leave a mark on Indian history – within the country’s boundaries and abroad – and to help shape the next generation of engineers to successfully tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Driven by insatiable curiosity, and the will to never give up, we work hard to create digital and physical spaces where we can turn dreams into realities. Our hope lies in being able to predict the future by learning from the past, live in harmony with nature and each other, and to use the advancements of technology and our capacity as ‘machine whisperers’ to create a safer, more equal, and creative world.


The Motwane Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Gianchand Motwane in Mumbai


Set up of Chicago Telephone Supply Company, renamed in 1926 as Chicago Telephone & Radio Co.

Did you know that…

The melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar brought tears to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s eyes, when she sang the song in honor of the lost soldiers in the 1962 war with China? Her magical voice reached the people through a microphone supplied by Chicago Telephone & Radio.

Listen here

Launch of Motwane Manufacturing in Nashik as a result of the surging demand for Motwane products across the country


Manufacture of the first Multi Meter with 2.5 k.V. measurement for easy accurate measuring and readability in cooperation with VO (UK)

Did you know that…

The model 8x Mark Ill became the industry benchmark demonstrating the world-class technical and engineering capability of Motwane at the time?


Acquisition of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), using two-way communication over power lines, and installed at Reliance


Acquisition of Motwane by Khandelwal Group


Launch of high voltage product basket, enabling building relationships, and addressing the need of top large power application customers


Launch of Motwane Lighting, offering specialized energy saving solutions based on automatic control and dimming


Launch of Motwane Security Systems, offering holistic solutions that cover all facets of access and entrance control


Launch of MOT-WARE, Motwane’s SaaS-based digital data platform that solves traditional problems of connectivity, scalability, resilience, & security using digital technology


Acquisition of Telemetrics, and further diversification from Power & Grid to Industrial & Commercial divisions

Chicago Loudspeakers - Prominent Testimonials

We are honored to have personalities who have made a real impact in world history talk about Chicago radio loudspeakers.

I must admit that the success of the Bombay Congress Session was greatly due to the loudspeaking arrangement which was the best so far heard by me.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad,

First President of India

Your loudspeakers did most excellent work, and the arrangements were very much appreciated by all

Jawaharlal Nehru,

First Prime Minister of India

Sjt. Nainik G. Motwane has been serving the Indian National Congress since 1929 with his loudspeakers. Those who have witnessed the huge demonstration of the Bombay Congress must have vivid recollections of his admirable arrangements. The Reception Committee will not be able to find better arrangements in this line.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,

First Deputy Prime Minister of India

Your loudspeakers worked admirably during the Congress Sessions, and the Subjects Committee. cannot help saying that I have never seen loudspeakers working so well without a break.

C. Rajagopalachari,

Former Governor-General of India

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