Embracing Digital Transformation

Emerging from a deep understanding of electrical testing, Motwane has designed and developed a SAAS-based test data platform: MOT-WARE. Creating the age of ‘Connected Field Service Engineers’, the software connects electrical Test & Measurement equipment to the cloud, and sends asset health data from devices onto a single, user-friendly dashboard. The resulting big data analysis enables intelligent insight for clients, improving overall cost, productivity, safety, and efficiency. Committed to the idea of connecting ‘anything to anywhere’, MOT-WARE offers an open-architecture-system that seamlessly integrates with any Test & Measurement equipment, and is not only limited to Motwane products.

As machine whisperers, we invite you to embrace the future with us. Digital test data provides customers with significant advantages. The ability to analyze and visualize insights results in increased productivity and efficiency, cost reduction, and improvement in asset lifespans across segments and use cases. MOT-WARE also offers Motwane AI Analytics, which uses a proprietary AI algorithm and machine learning (ML) to make accurate predictions about your asset’s life based on its behavioral patterns and operating conditions. The good news: MOT-WARE’s applications aren’t limited only to electrical use cases. Designed as an open API, MOT-WARE was built to provide seamless integration with any hardware from any manufacturer, and not exclusive to Motwane products.  





Commercial Premises


Electrical Contractors

Current Practices

  • Manual & Handwritten Data Entry
  • Periodic Testing
  • Local Data Storage
  • Heavy Equipment

Solutions by MOT-WARE

  • Accurate & Real-Time Data
  • Trend lines, Graphs & Charts
  • Remote Access
  • GPS Tracking
  • Centralised Data
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Multi-User Access

Why choose MOT-WARE

Improved Decision Making

Improve Asset Lifespan

Operational Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Clean and Accurate Data

Improved Billing and Customer Satisfaction

Data Encryption

Scalability and Compatibilty with other systems


  • Intuitive, seamless, easy to use
  • Snapshot of Install base
  • Test Report (P/F) Analysis
  • GPS location
  • Pending Test

Reports & Templates

  • Seamless & Automated Report Generation
  • Customised Reports & Templates (shared in real-time)
  • Weekly MIS Reports & Pivot Tables
  • Automated Trend Analysis

Data Analytics

  • Seamless User Experience
  • Trend Analysis, Graphs & Charts
  • Historical Data through Back Data Uploading
  • Motwane AI Analytics
  • Real-time Data Monitoring


Breakdown History

  • Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Filter by Manufacturer / Type / Location / Design
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Make Comparisons


Motwane AI Analytics

Experience MOT-WARE’s predictive powers! With Motwane’s proprietary AI algorithm and ML, users can now forecast their asset’s behavioral patterns based on operating conditions, and avoid severe accidents and untimely shutdowns. Through streamed and historical data, Motwane AI Analytics makes accurate predictions about your asset’s lifespan, leading to better decision-making, CAPEX and OPEX planning.



Why partner with us?

The IoT revolution is inevitable. MOT-WARE is your perfect entry point into a future driven by big data, and for transforming businesses via insights.

Simple & Easy to begin

Multiple Uses & Application Areas

Industry Agnostic

Integration of Third Party equipment

Scalability and Interoperability with other systems

Open API

Data Encryption

Inviting developers and hardware companies to partner with us today!


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