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For more than a century, Motwane has set the benchmark for Test & Measurement (T&M) solutions. Having engineered a large portfolio of T&M products across segments as the company’s core offering, Motwane pioneered the development of high-precision T&M equipment widely used in power, railways, defence, oil & gas, cement & steel, alongside OEMs, and other major specialised applications.

Testing engineers are the unsung heroes that quietly keep our cities lit, and running smoothly.

Emerging from a deep understanding of electrical Test and Measurement, and the company’s commitment to R&D, Motwane has designed and developed a SAAS-based test data platform: MOT-WARE. Creating the age of ‘Connected Field Service Engineers’, the software connects electrical Test & Measurement equipment to the cloud, and sends asset health data from devices onto a single, user-friendly dashboard. The additional layer of connected devices and real time date gives engineers an Advantage Through Awareness that makes them even more efficient at keeping things running smoothly for us.

MOT-WARE takes the industry into the future of precise and accurate data measurement in real-time via IoT enabled connected devices.

An outstanding track record of developing innovative products that have set benchmarks in their niche.

Robust R&D capabilities, and extensive testing facilities ensure international standards of quality and performance for every product, solution, and service.

Expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing products for low, medium, high, and extra-high voltage applications.

A wide range of testing instruments for specialized equipment as well as comprehensive diagnostic solutions.

Capable of catering to mega-projects, such as those undertaken by sectors like defence and the railways.

Durability and assured stable performance even in harsh surrounding conditions.

User-friendly designs that enable accurate results even when used by non-technical personnel.

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Offical India Partner of Hafely AG & Hipotronics INC

HAEFELY and Hipotronics are partners of Motwane for the supply of High Voltage Test Equipment in India. Their product range includes Impulse Generators, Partial Discharge Test Systems, Capacitance & Tan Delta, EMC Test Kit, and other High Voltage Test Equipment.

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