About Motwane

Motwane is an Indian engineering company with an impressive legacy, and a strong focus on R&D and IoT capabilities. Its products range caters to power plants to plug points, and all surpass existing quality standards, making them synonymous with robust, reliable, and long-lasting performance. As a result, the Motwane brand has earned the trust of clients over the last 100 years, with its innovative, energy-efficient, and user-friendly solutions.

Motwane’s spirit of innovation has not only transformed an entire industry, but also quietly keeps cities running and street lights shining while you sleep.

The company’s global growth, and further innovative ventures as part of its green initiatives, are guided under the aegis of Motwane’s forward-thinking leadership. To be collaborative, curious, and authentic are the core values that have been part of Motwane’s success story from the start.

The MOTWANE Successes


100+ year-long legacy


100+ robust products built to last

Global Presence

Supplying all over the world


Ongoing transition to combined hardware + software

A diversified portfolio that includes Telemetrics, Entrance Control, MOT-WARE, Industrial & Commercial IoT solutions

What makes Motwane unique?


We are innovators in the design and manufacture of high-performance, high-precision electrical Test & Measurement equipment


We create innovative IoT technologies and digital offerings that are designed to boost productivity, efficiency, energy saving, proactive decision making as well as help our customers to take a step towards a green and more sustainable future

R&D facilities

We work in state-of-the-art R&D facilities in which all of Motwane’s products and solutions are indigenously designed by over 40 technologists.

Global distribution network

We have built a strong global distribution network with a presence in more than 50+ countries, catering to the needs of users across segments, such as EPC, Power, Railways, Certification Labs, Defence, Oil & Gas, Steel & Metal, Automobiles, Process Industries, and the MSME sector, in addition to contractors and OEMs


We offer a diverse product line, encompassing low voltage solutions for general industrial applications, specialized products for high voltage applications, IoT-based intelligent street lighting solutions, advanced security solutions, and digitized testing software

We believe in Corporate Governance

As an ISO-certified firm, Motwane is proud to have introduced a company culture that goes beyond KPI’s and deliverables. We believe in operating with a strong sense of governance and ethical practices.

Find out more about the Motwane Advantage!

Doing honest work

Creating an environment that allows Motwane’s teams, stakeholders, partners, and customers to transparently work together.

Creating opportunity

Giving everyone in the firm’s ecosystem a chance at personal and professional growth.

Being transparent

Motwane’s accounting practices are at an international standard and completely transparent.

Remaining curious

As engineers, we will never stop solving problems with creativity and the desire for efficiency.

Always going the extra mile

Going beyond what is required to make the ordinary extraordinary – every single time!


Join our journey, and grow with us

Motwane is excited to enter a tomorrow fueled by possibilities, and, with it, the world of big data. Contact our experts to learn more about how together we can create a better future!

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