The Motwane Advantage

Motwane is an Indian engineering company with an impressive legacy that spans a century. Its products are synonymous with robust, reliable, and long-last performance.
The company’s global growth, and further R&D-driven ventures into exciting opportunities, are guided under the aegis of its leadership’s core values that have been part of Motwane’s success story from the start:
To be collaborative, curious, and authentic.


For our clients and with our teams, we are strong because we trust each other, steer in the same direction, and build the future together - one innovation at a time.


We think in unconventional ways, experiment a lot, invest heavily into research & development, and dare to make mistakes.


We pride ourselves on being honest, genuine, down-to-earth, and trustworthy in every task we take on. We don’t believe in shortcuts, and we don’t pretend to be anything we are not.

The MOTWANE Mantra

Our Purpose

(Em)Powering the future

As machine whisperers, we are committed to empowering the next generation of engineers with the knowledge they need to tackle the world’s current and future challenges. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of engineering combined with the potential of the internet, thus creating intelligent communication across technologies.

Our Commitment

Creating opportunity

We believe in giving everyone in our ecosystem – employees, partners, clients, and vendors - a chance to grow with us, and share the path to an exciting future.

Our Approach

Always going the extra mile

We always give more than expected as it is our commitment to being great engineers and down-to-earth problem solvers, with a “Can do” attitude. We are dedicated to making the ordinary into something extraordinary through perseverance, hard work, and our will to be better every single day.

Our Values

Doing business the right way.

We operate with high ethical standards throughout our entire organisation. We believe in doing business based on integrity, trust, and transparency.

R&D is an integral part of Motwane’s DNA

With decades of learning and experience, our commitment to innovation has made us a go-to name in the Indian test & measurement industry. A dynamic and ‘ideas-first’-culture, fueled by the hard work of many talented teams, have resulted in Motwane’s high-performance product range. Using them enables our customers to increase efficiency and detect faults with greater accuracy across assets.

The natural extension of Motwane’s skillsets from hardware to software lies in the modernization of the firm’s traditional skills as ‘machine whisperers’. Our ongoing R&D focus has always followed the trail of needs of our customers, and has led us to advance onto the cloud with the digitization of test & measurement processes through the introduction of our software solution MOT-WARE. Learn more about why R&D is an integral part of our company here!


Join our journey, and grow with us

Motwane is excited to enter a tomorrow fueled by possibilities, and, with it, the world of big data. Contact our experts to learn more about how together we can create a better future!


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