Motwane strives towards developing intelligent, energy efficient, and hassle-free solutions for their clients that effortlessly reduce cost and environmental impact. The result: Motwane’s simple yet effective IoXn-series! X represents the variable of assets, and n stands for the number of assets connected. Enjoy real-time monitoring and management with the magic of one touch through MOT-WARE.

IoTx (IoT based Transformer Monitoring device)

Motwane’s proprietary IoTx technology, an easy-to-install ‘plug & play’-product, connects transformers to the cloud. With real-time predictive and preventive maintenance, OEM’s can now deliver much better value, leading to satisfied customers, extended transformer lifespans, increased safety, and improved operational efficiency.  

IoLx (IoT based Lighting Monitoring device)

CityLight effortlessly illuminates cities, industries, campuses, and residential projects with intelligent automated lighting. Streaming data via smart sensors to the MOT-WARE platform, users can now remotely monitor, analyse, and manage the demands and intensity of street lighting with a simple click. 

IoCH(IoT based Chiller Monitoring device)

IoCH, an IoT-based Chiller Monitoring device, enables a ‘digital twin’ that feeds accurate data about the asset’s health across several parameters in real-time to MOT-WARE. The resulting analytics allow for a more detailed assessment of its performance, and thus, extend a chiller’s longevity, save maintenance costs, increase overall energy efficiency, and avoid unexpected breakdowns. 

IoWm (IoT based Water Monitoring device)

Motwane’s efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use utility metering system IoWm seamlessly connect IoT-based meter readings via MOT-WARE to the cloud. IoWM allows users to track usage, analyse consumption, register grievances, create customer bills, detect leakages, and prevent theft. The data collected can then be viewed through MOT-WARE’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, allowing key stakeholders to make informed decisions on their mission to save water wastage, and improve water supply efficiency.

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