R&D is an integral part of Motwane’s DNA

With decades of learning and experience, our commitment to innovation has made us a go-to name in the Indian test & measurement industry. A dynamic and ‘ideas-first’-culture, fuelled by the hard work of many talented teams, have resulted in Motwane’s high-performance product range. Using them enables our customers to increase efficiency and detect faults with greater accuracy across assets. Our ongoing R&D focus led us to advance onto the cloud with the digitization of test & measurement processes through the introduction of our software solution MOT-WARE.

Intrinsically motivated to develop and deliver innovative solutions, we make it a point to never stop learning. Over our century long journey, evolving to be better has been the only constant! Motwane regularly upskills their team’s capabilities to ensure that, as an organisation, we incessantly experiment with new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. This process allows the journey from concept idea to final product to be swift, efficient, and sometimes full of surprises.

Motwane’s Research Areas – Overview

Energy efficiency

Data & cloud computing

Electrical measurement & sensing

IoT communication technologies

Building & industrial automation

Smart and responsible digitization is the way forward for all industries. Motwane is inspired to help shape and thrive in this exciting future.

Motwane’s capabilities & skillsets

We are proficient in hardware, firmware, power electronics, software engineering, and big data, along with IoT full-stack. Our high-tech capabilities include measuring Femto (10 e-15) to 10k AMP, nanovolts to kilovolts, and hertz to gigahertz. These include


GSM Lora, RF, BLE, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi

ML, Big Data & AI


Motwane’s R&D strengths

Domain experts across a variety of industries

40+ highly skilled R&D engineers

High quality standards and reliability for all our products

Customizability and customer centricity

Proprietary product designs developed entirely in-house

Global standards, certifications and compliance.

Software + hardware capabilities

Following the philosophy of serving with a purpose

Saving the environment and reducing Co2 emissions along the way

Enhancing the perception of Indian R&D manufacturing and technological capability in the world

Adding value to Motwane’s entire ecosystem

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