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Motwane specializes in creating expert solutions that include Test & Measurement products, cable fault locators (Telemetrics), IoT-based products like IoTx, IoXn, Citylights and our very own AI-based IoT platform, MOT-WARE. Our customer’s needs are always at the forefront of Motwane’s innovation, and it is our aim to empower engineers and businesses in a world moving towards digital solutions and sustainability by giving them an Advantage through Awareness.

Test & Measurement

For more than a century, Motwane has set a benchmark for test & measurement solutions, and pioneered the development of high-precision equipment across segments. Our products are widely used in power, railways, defence, oil & gas, cement & steel, and by OEMs and other major specialized applications.


A recent addition to the Motwane family, Telemetrics offers a complete range of fault locating instruments that enable preventive detection and location of existing defects in power cables, communication cables, and water pipelines. Over 30 years, the company has attained a leadership position with a strong customer base, including key power sector clients in India and abroad.


Emerging from a deep understanding of domain knowledge, Motwane has designed and developed a SAAS-based test data platform: MOT-WARE. Creating the age of ‘Connected Field Service Engineers’, the software connects electrical test & measurement equipment to the cloud, and sends asset health data from devices onto a single, user-friendly dashboard. The resulting big data analysis enables intelligent insight for clients, improving overall cost, productivity, safety, and efficiency. Committed to the idea of connecting ‘anything to anywhere’, MOT-WARE offers an open-architecture-system that seamlessly integrates with any test & measurement equipment, and is not only limited to Motwane products. As machine whisperers, we invite you to embrace the future with us.


Welcome to the digital revolution! Motwane strives towards developing intelligent, energy efficient, and hassle-free solutions for their clients that effortlessly reduce cost and environmental impact. The result: Motwane’s simple yet effective IoXn-series. X represents the variable of assets, and n stands for the number of assets connected. Enjoy real-time monitoring and management with the magic of one touch through MOT-WARE. Our intelligent solutions include Smart street lighting (city lite), Smart transformer monitoring (IoTX), Smart chiller monitoring (IoCH), and Smart water meters (IoWM).

Motwane AI Analytics

With MOT-WARE, Motwane’s proprietary AI algorithm and ML platform, users can now effortlessly predict behavioural patterns of their assets based on operating conditions. The software connects equipment to the cloud, and sends real-time health and historical data onto a single, user-friendly dashboard. Motwane AI Analytics offers accurate insights of an asset’s lifespan, leading to advantage through awareness: better decision-making, higher efficiency, better CAPEX and OPEX planning, and the ability to forecast untimely shutdowns and potential dangerous accidents. Motwane believes that advanced data analytics and data visualization can help you make more informed decisions.


The advent of the smart transformer is nothing short of an industrial revolution! With Motwane’s IoTx solution, an IoT-based transformer monitoring device, you can now receive valuable insights about your vital assets in real-time via MOT-WARE. Transformers are often mismanaged and poorly maintained due to the lack of timely information, which can reduce efficiency, endanger human lives, and cause environmental damage. Engineering a solution, Motwane built its proprietary IoTx technology, an easy-to-install ‘plug & play’ product, that connects transformers to the cloud. With real-time predictive and preventive maintenance, customers from the areas of OEM, private and governmental organisations across industries, as well as power plants and renewable energy companies can now deliver much better value to their customers. The result: Satisfied clients, extended transformer lifespans, increased safety, and improved operational efficiency. Who can say no to this?

Smart Street Lighting Solutions

Focused on offering energy-efficient and ROI-driven solutions in the field of smart lighting, Motwane’s latest innovation effortlessly illuminates cities, industries, campuses, and residential projects with automated lighting. Wirelessly connected to MOT-WARE, CityLight remotely monitors, manages, controls, and analyses street lighting through smart sensors and real-time data transfer. Since street lighting accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption in a city, it has become Motwane’s mission to offer the right light at the right time in the right quantity. The resulting energy conservation and reduced Co2 emissions help offset negative impacts to the environment.

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