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IoTx is Motwane’s state-of-the-art Transformer Monitoring Technology that enables any transformer to become a ‘Smart Transformer’. Our technology is designed to be a plug & play solution for Transformer OEMs that saves cost and valuable R&D time. By licensing our IoTx technology, OEMs can now connect their transformer fleet directly to the cloud. This process enables assets to deliver better value with predictive and preventive maintenance. The result: satisfied customers, customer transparency, design improvements, reduced service costs, faster turn-around-time, increased product safety, and overall enhanced operational efficiency.


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Key Benefits

Avoid Unplanned Shutdown

View your asset’s health from a seamless and intuitive dashboard with real-time data for predictive and preventive maintenance

Reduce Manpower and Operational Cost

Lower manpower dependency via automated and live monitoring, resulting in savings and increased operational efficiency

Improve Transformer Efficiency and Lifespan

Experience transformative insights about your transformer in real-time as well as the remote monitoring of operating conditions

Digitize your Test Data

Access and view your data from one centralized location on the go through our MOT-WARE mobile or desktop app

Here's how it works

Install Motwane’s IoTx on your transformerDeveloped and designed to work on all transformers (power, distribution, oil & dry), IoTx and its sensors will be installed on your asset.

Hear your transformer speakMotwane’s smart transformer monitor communicates seamlessly with MOT-WARE over a GSM-network, and shares its data – it is almost as if the transformer can actually talk! Throughout this step, Motwane protects your data via encryption.

View all vital parameters on the MOT-WARE platformMotwane’s IoTx monitors all critical parameters that are received wirelessly from your transformer every five minutes on the MOT-WARE platform. The parameters monitored are as follows:

  • 3 Phase Load Current
  • 3 Phase Voltage
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Level
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Winding Temperature
  • Humidity
  • GPS Location
  • Energy Meters and its Parameters

Please note: Any additional parameters are based on a custom sensor configuration.

All data is displayed via ingeniously designed charts and graphs, highlighting trend lines that unveil patterns in your chiller data that weren’t available through traditional testing methods.

Experience MOT-WARE’s predictive powersAnalyzing the transformer’s data, IoTx forecasts your asset’s health based on operational and environmental patterns via MOT-WARE’s proprietary AI algorithm, the Motwane AI & Analytics.

    With the Motwane AI Engine, you can determine:

  • Hotspot Temperature
  • Dynamic Copper Losses
  • Ageing Rate
  • Residual Life

Key Features

Central Data Monitoring

Manage and control transformers on the go through our MOT-WARE app.

Human Errors Avoidance

Receive precise data since the manual transcription can contains human errors.

Historical Data Digitization

Upload a transformer’s historical data records onto MOT-WARE.

Customized Reports

Effectively monitor data by customizing and designing reports to show trend lines and patterns through MOT-WARE.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

When data exceeds preset limits, real-time alerts and notifications will be sent via SMS or email.

Current Balance Monitoring

Assess unbalanced percentage between R, Y, and B phases, and the loading pattern to take corrective action.

Device Geotagging

Benefit from the seamless Google Map integration that identifies each transformer’s location.

Seamless Integration

Connect your existing equipment, such as energy meters, DGA, and oil moisture detecting equipment, to the cloud.

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Easy Installation

Our products will be installed without disturbing your current operations.


Our team will test and commission the system for you. We will also provide after-sale-support via our pan India service network.

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