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The advent of the smart transformer is nothing short of an industrial revolution! OEM’s and their customers are now able to receive valuable insights about their vital assets in real-time. Transformers are often mismanaged and poorly maintained due to the lack of timely information, which can reduce efficiency, endanger human lives, and cause environmental damage. Engineering a solution, Motwane built its proprietary IoTx technology, an easy-to-install ‘plug & play’-product, that connects transformers to the cloud. With real-time predictive and preventive maintenance, OEM’s can now deliver much better value to their customers. The result: Satisfied customers, extended transformer lifespans, increased safety, and improved operational efficiency. Who can say no to this? 

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Current challenges faced by OEM’s

Random Transformer Failure.

Paper Based Reports

Improper Load Management

Lack of Data from live Operating Conditions

No information on Asset Lifespan

Loss of life caused by accidents due to equipment malfunction

Key Benefits

Manage your entire transformer fleet/ install base

Customize the web app with your brand by adding your logo

Real-time insights to improve your products

Offers access to MOT-WARE

Improves OEM customer’s experience

Save on Capex on R&D

Improved service & warranty management

Access to bid in international smart transformer tenders

Predictive & preventive maintenance

How can OEMs benefit from smart transformers?


Improve your product’s performance by receiving insights on your transformer fleets, and identify potential design failures.


Assess Warranty Claims
Monitor the customers operating conditions for Warranty claims.

Spare inventory
Optimize Spare inventory by identifying common faults and trends.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
Improve your Service response time by predicting Transformer Failure through the AI Forecaster Engine and Real- time Alerts and Notifications.


Analyse causes of potential transformer failures via our IoTx, and improve quality parameters and overall standards at the same time.


Improved Customer Relationship & Transparency
Deliver accurate data in real-time, and create better value for your customers.

Increase Product USPs
Make your transformer intelligent with our ‘plug & play’-solution, and be able to offer your customers a value-add-product tailored to their needs.

Motwane’s Complete Transformer Monitoring Solution

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