Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Motwane’s transformer turn ratio meter XTRM-3 is a new generation fully automated kit to measure turns ratio, voltage ratio, ratio error, phase displacement & excitation current in a transformer. It automatically detects the transformer vector group. Its user-selectable test voltage feature provides for testing various ratings of power transformers.


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    Motwane’s transformer turn ratio meter XTRM-3 is a new generation fully automated kit to measure turns ratio, voltage ratio, ratio error, phase displacement & excitation current in a transformer. It automatically detects the transformer vector group. Its user-selectable test voltage feature provides for testing various ratings of power transformers. XTRM-3 can be controlled from a remote position using the TAP changer option that allows the operator to measure from various TAP positions. It also has quick setup templates which automatically calculate nameplate ratios of transformers to avoid time consumption by adding details of each tap ratio.  Its internal memory capacity for 500 test results can help you save results during on-site testing. Its emergency safety switch provides the operator with safety during undesired conditions. 

    XTRM-3 has a Bluetooth module with Motware mobile app for remote access of the testing data & storage in the cloud for further analysis & record purposes.


    The transformer’s turn ratio meter determines the turn ratio and polarity of single-and three-phase transformers using modern techniques. It also confirms nameplate ratio, polarity, and vectors. It is useful for the identification of defects in the transformer windings, such as open-circuit and short-circuits of turn-to-turn sensitivity.

    • Turn ratio testing of single phase/ three-phase auto transformers, power  transformers and distribution transformers
    • Turn ratio testing of the current transformer


    • Test voltage : 10V, 40V, 100V
    • Measure turns ratio, voltage ratio & ratio error
    • Measures phase deviation & excitation current
    • Auto detection of the transformer vector group
    • Quick set up with an intuitive guide
    • Inbuilt printer with memory for 500 test results
    • Bluetooth enabled for Motware mobile app

    Power supply : 115V/230V AC, 50/60 Hz

    Measurement ratio : 0.8 : 10000

    Ratio Accuracy :


    ±0.15% (0.8 – 999)


    ±0.1% (0.8 – 999)

    ±0.15% (1000 – 1999)

    ±0.20% (2000 – 3999)

    ±0.25% (4000 – 10000)


    ±0.1% (0.8 – 999)

    ±0.15% (1000 – 1999)

    ±0.20% (2000 – 3999)

    ±0.25% (4000 – 10000)

    Test voltage :10V AC, 40V AC, 100V AC

    Excitation Current :Upto 2A

    Resolution : 0.1mA

    Phase Angle : ±180º

    Phase Angle Resolution : 0.01

    Accuracy : ±0.50º ± 1digit

    Display : LCD

    Printer : Built-in thermal printer

    PC interface : USB

    Report Storage : 500 reports

    Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature : 0 ºC to 40 ºC

    Storage Temperature : -10 ºC to 60 ºC

    Relative Humidity : ≤ 95%RH at 400C max(non condensing)

    Physical Specifications

    Dimensions : 502 x 401 x 188 mm

    Weight : 15 kg

    Safety features

    Safety / EMC in accordance with EN 61010-1, EN 61326-1

    CE certified

    Ingress protection IP 54 / CAT III 600V

    Emergency stop

    Full Windows compatible software

    Software is fully compatible with Microsoft

    Type : Window based Software

    Interface : USB communication port

    Features : Remote Operation

                 : Data downloading

                 : Analysis and report generation

    Software Details

    Standard Accessories

    • Mains power cord
    • 15 meters test lead set with alligator clips
    • Thermal paper roll
    • Instruction manual
    • Calibration certificate

    Optional Accessories

    • Software: 1 No.
    • USB Cable: 1 No.
    • Remote tap changer switch: 1 No.
    • Bluetooth application via cloud based Motware application

    Motware Cloud Application

    Motwane has designed and developed MOT-WARE – a cloud-based Test Data platform to aid in accurate Asset Health Assessment. Through Motware, the Test and Measurement industry has taken a huge leap forward. It is a revolution in the way tests are conducted and the way data is analyzed. 

    MOT-WARE captures data from a full range of BLE Enabled Motwane Testing Equipment. It is accessible from web based applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications. In addition, it offers an open architecture that can seamlessly integrate with any non Motwane Test and Measurement equipment for quick and authentic digital test data. Data can be captured periodically as well as be streamed in real-time via sensors from IoX’n Series of IoT devices. (link to Ioxn page)


    Some of its features include a pre-loaded repository of test templates for various assets as well as customizable test templates. A customized report builder in MOT-WARE allows users to create reports that can be designed and generated as per their desire. MOT-WARE also has a facility to upload test data history and the breakdown history of the assets. Tests can also be viewed with various metrics such as Pass/Fail.


    Digital test data enables data analytics and visualization which offers multiple statistical advantages. It improves productivity & efficiency, enables cost reduction, and improves asset life. Data analysis done through MOT-WARE includes trend analysis, MIS reports, and pivot tables. As an add-on, MOT-WARE also offers ‘Motwane AI Analytics’(Link to AI Analytics page)  which uses a proprietary AI algorithm and Machine Learning to make accurate predictions about your asset’s life based on its behavioral patterns and operating conditions.


    MOT-WARE can be used for various applications across customer segments like Utilities, OEMs, Industries, Electrical contractors (Testing, O&M) or Field repairs & service providers, EPCs, commercial premises, and many more. 


    Join the latest innovation in Electrical Testing by using Motware on your Test and Measurement equipment.

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