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Focused on offering energy-efficient and ROI-driven solutions in the field of smart lighting, Motwane’s latest innovation effortlessly illuminates cities, industries, campuses, and residential projects with automated lighting. Wirelessly connected to MOT-WARE, CityLight remotely monitors, manages, controls, and analyses street lighting through smart sensors and real-time data. 

Street lighting accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption in a city. Motwane’s mission: Offering the right light at the right time in the right quantity.

Understanding the problem is the birthplace of successful innovation. Places like cities, campuses, and residential projects are usually ‘over-lit’. Lighting policies for such spaces don’t adjust the brightness of the lights based on the time of day, or time of year. Until now, there has been no intelligent calendar system that dims or switches off lights when they are not needed. Instead, a universal average setting that is either ‘on’ at full brightness or completely switched ‘off’ is used.

Dimming saves energy in streetlights.

Identifying this inefficiency, Motwane has innovated a customizable and scalable solution to adapt to this need. The flexibility of Motwane’s CityLight provides up to 50% reduction in overall energy consumption per project, lowering maintenance costs and manpower requirements based on the individual use case. The resulting energy conservation and reduced Co2 emissions help offset negative impacts to the environment.   



Environmental Benefits

CSR-activities and environmental benefits have become essential in today’s world. By minimising a project’s overall energy consumption, CityLight directly reduces Co2 emissions and improves profitability at the same time.

Cost Savings

A light dimed is equal to energy saved! CityLight’s dimming and automation solution reduces overall energy consumption by 50%, leading to a direct and measurable saving in a client’s electricity bill. CityLight is therefore an easy and efficient solution to the ROI-driven impact problem every organization is looking to solve.

Operational Efficiency

CityLight offers an opportunity to increase the operational efficiency of street light management, and improves overall control. Turning a lamp ‘on’ and ‘off’ is now no longer a manual activity but a fully automated process, resulting in reduced manpower and fewer human errors.

Smart Street Lighting Solutions


Designed as a communication tool to enable IoT-automation for street lights, the Gateway consists of a feeder panel and a CCMS controller. Its key responsibility is to give commands to the network of street lights, and receive and transmit valuable street lighting data directly to MOT-WARE. The Gateway is therefore a crucial building block for IoT street lights, and generates actionable insights about the lighting system.

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Dimming = Energy Saving! Dimmers are attached to LED street lights, enabling accurate and real-time individual light monitoring and intensity control. The results: saved energy, reduced electricity bills, and improved operational efficiency. Custom dimmer schedules and patterns can additionally be set to maximize the light’s efficiency. Motwane’s dimmer helps in optimizing each light’s potential by increasing the LED’s lifespan and durability.

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2 in 1 (LED + Dimmer)

Effortlessly combining dimming and lighting in one device – and thus replacing the regular LED light – Motwane’s innovative solution upgrades each LED light’s performance. This makes CityLight – 2 in 1 more cost-effective, and allows for the remote customization of lighting based on a pre-scheduled calendar. CityLight – 2 in 1’s flexibility provides up to 40% reduction in overall energy consumption per project, lowering maintenance costs and manpower requirements based on the individual use case, while increasing road safety at night.

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Introducing the City Light LED (2 in 1)

Welcome to the LED revolution! With CityLight -2 in1, Motwane is proud to offer its flagship LED product that is like no other light in the market. Delivered with an in-built RF module and a dimmer to enable individual light monitoring and automation,  CityLight -2 in1 effortlessly outshines every standard LED light. 

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Key Features of Motwane Lighting Solutions

Fault Identification

Receive real-time notifications in case of a faulty light so that corrective actions can be taken immediately.


Benefit from robustly designed products, withstanding harsh weather conditions like heavy wind, rain, and dust.

Lux-based Dimming

Maintain predefined lux levels with the help of a lux-based sensor.

Individual Light Monitoring

Monitor and control each street light individually.

Astronomical time On/Off

Control timings based on an astronomical clock that switches lights on and off.

Remote Access

Manage and control lights on the go through our mobile or desktop app.

Predefined Schedule

Create customized schedules to automate light control.

Alerts & Reports

Receive real-time alerts and notifications through SMS or email, and create custom reports that show energy saving and consumption patterns.

Google Map Integration

Benefit from the seamless Google Map integration that identifies each lamp’s location.


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