The last 100 years has seen the company rise to a significant position across the electrical sector in India and abroad, pioneering electrical test & measurement equipment that set market benchmarks for a wide range of clients. Motwane’s long-standing commitment to innovating products that anticipate future needs has led to further diversification, and the creation of MOT-WARE, an IoT-based test data software, AI engines for data visualisation, smart lighting, and other energy management solutions.


Working closely with our customers enables Motwane to successfully innovate, design, and engineer future-ready solutions. For the electrical sector, we have engineered a variety of high precision test & measurement equipment that have been industry standard for decades. Our electrical business is organised into the following two verticals:

Introducing MOT-WARE

Advantage through Awareness

Emerging from a deep understanding of domain knowledge, Motwane has designed and developed a SAAS-based test data platform: MOT-WARE. The software connects electrical test & measurement equipment to the cloud, and sends asset health data from devices onto a single, user-friendly dashboard. The resulting big data analysis enables intelligent insight for clients, improving overall cost, productivity, safety, and efficiency.

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