Celebrating 40 years at Motwane The success story of Albert Das

My career at Motwane stretches back more than 40 years. In 1979, I began as an ‘inward-outward clerk’ – a job which entailed the checking of raw materials entering, and any goods leaving the factory for quality, and logging entries and exits – learning the ropes of the electrical equipment manufacturing industry as a young man. I was only 19 years old when I joined this organisation. As I look back and think, where would have I been if not Motwane, the answer is ‘Nowhere’.

“As my journey at Motwane progressed, I got actively involved in different departments. The firm offered me a plethora of chances to learn and grow.”

Following Destiny / Looking Back

My mother was a homemaker, and my father was an Army Medical Officer, providing medical services to Indian Army personnel during the Second World War. Later on, he joined the Indian Railways at Nagpur and, after a few years, he then joined the Currency Note Press in Nashik, and my family moved here.

As an ambitious student, joining the Indian Navy was my dream. Sadly, however, I was rejected as I had a speech impairment ― stammering. Getting a job in the electric industry was never a part of my dream career path, but destiny had other plans for me. My father’s retirement was approaching, so I had to get a job, and be the breadwinner for the family. A close family friend, who already worked with Motwane at that time, introduced me to the company. That’s how I got the first and the last job of my life!

Moving Forward

Though I was appointed as an inward-outward clerk, my role demanded doing additional tasks. I was responsible for all bank-related activities like transactions and cash payments, and I also used to take care of Motwane’s internal stationary printing and supply. I enjoyed the work I was given, and had a knack for doing it well too.

I completed my graduation while I was working. As my journey at Motwane progressed, I got actively involved in the sales, marketing, and quality departments as well. It was a unique experience, navigating through the different verticals of the company. As a result, and maybe one of the most important learnings of my career, I got to learn and understand people from different backgrounds and schools of thoughts better.

Learning and Progressing

I used to assist the Managing Director at the time, Mr. Sunil Motwane, and was responsible for maintaining documents. One fine day, Mr. Sunil asked me to take up the job of a telephone operator. At that time, access to STD Telephones (in India) was limited.  I wondered why he gave me this crucial responsibility despite knowing that I had a stammer. There were only a few days in my life in which  I had actually not struggled to enunciate a word, complete a sentence, or communicate a thought. In the beginning, I was not confident about being  able to perform my new  duty efficiently. But Mr. Sunil showed faith in me, and encouraged me to grab that opportunity.  

Sometimes I tripped over words, and took a little longer to speak, but eventually I overcame this problem. Today, I speak very fluently. Mr. Sunil Motwane’s little act of kindness changed my world, and opened opportunities for me. This is the company that cares about me, values my talents, and gives me ample possibilities to grow and learn.

Not Colleagues, but Family

I am a father of two boys, and have a beautiful wife. My salary during those days was not sufficient for a family of four. So I bought an autorickshaw that I used to give out on rent. This side hustle worked as an additional source of income for my family. When my younger son wanted to go abroad for his higher education, I didn’t have sufficient funds. Mr. Agarwal, the current MD of Motwane, gave me Director’s Certificate that helped me get a loan for my son’s education. Today, both my kids are well-settled in big firms. Mr. Agarwal’s support has played a crucial role in this.  I’ve made a home at Motwane over the years, and built strong friendships with my colleagues which I really cherish. 

Good Old Days

For a fresher with zero work experience, Motwane gave me a platform to learn and explore everything. I still remember those days when we had to manually type every order and payment details on the Remington typewriter. Those were the days when we had only one computer for everyone to use, and had to wait for our turn to work on it. It was at Motwane’s that  I learnt proper typing, and the basics of computers.

Of the 40 years at Motwane’s,  I have spent almost 28 years traveling outside Nashik. As I was responsible for transporting raw material and closing deals, I got to travel across the country, except for Kerala and Kashmir. I have had sleepless nights traveling from one state to another, just to ensure that the deliveries are done on time.

Motwane offered me a plethora of chances to learn and grow. If I could advise a newbie joining Motwane, there would be just one thing I would tell them – learn and grow here; grab every opportunity that you can. I know that if there’s ever something I don’t know, there are people around who will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. 

Life Mantra

To stay productive at work, it is imperative to stay fit and healthy. My habit of exercising every day has helped me perform various roles at work without being tired. I believe in the power of hard work. If you have to become big and achieve your goals, you have to work hard. There is no alternative to hard work.

I have seen many ups and downs throughout my journey. I saw the company facing a financial crunch and overcoming it. As the brand grew, I have seen myself grow. Whatever I am today, it is only because of Motwane.

Sometimes people ask me if I have ever thought about retiring. I can honestly say that, with my job being as rewarding as it is, I have not yet had any desire to hang up my work and call it a day. I will continue working here for as long as I can.

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