Smart Water Metering

Connect your water meter to the cloud

70% of the planet is covered in water, and only 2% is considered fresh and safe for human consumption. There has been a rising concern for water consumption monitoring to meet global sustainability goals. Green building solutions and sustainable technologies are gaining mainstream importance today. As a result, the government and several organizations, like the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), promote water consumption monitoring initiatives.

Rising to this challenge, Motwane developed IoWM: An efficient yet reliable IoT-based utility metering system that seamlessly connects to the MOT-WARE cloud platform. MOT-WARE is a digital test data platform that offers real-time data visualization and analysis. IoWM allows users to track usage, analyse consumption, register grievances, create customer bills, detect leakages, and prevent theft. The data collected can then be viewed through MOT-WARE’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, allowing key stakeholders to make informed decisions in their mission to save water wastage and improve water supply efficiency.

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Features of using IoWM

Leakage Detection

Receive real time notifications and alerts of detected leakages in water supply systems.

User-friendly Dashboard

View all critical information in a centralized location on an intuitive dashboard

Open API Integration

Scalable and compatible with existing software programs for billing management


Ensuring real-time, accurate, and authentic data through wireless communication

Custom Reports

Automatic generation of reports and MIS data through MOT-WARE

Data Security

Encrypted data protection from unauthorized access and corruption

Key Benefits

Leakage Detection

User-friendly Dashboard

Open API Integration


Custom Reports

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